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Live well and eat better with RFS

First registered in 1998, Royal Food Services Limitada (as it was then called) began by supplying Hospitality Support Services (HSS) to the Mozal Project in Maputo, Mozambique. Two decades later, with a long list of high profile projects under our employees belt, we are able to provide a range of services to clients in the mining, oil & gas and industrial sectors in African countries.

Great food is what first put us on the map and it still gives us a competitive edge. Creative menus combine the best of Portugese and African traditions with much-loved international dishes - all prepared and cooked to the highest international standards, even in challenging and remote locations.

We carry the same standards of high quality and flexible service through to our other services, which include facilities design and management, procurement and purchasing, maintenance and communications.

New-build or renovations

Get your camp built from scratch, or upgrade your existing facilities to international standards. We undertake complete site construction including supplying the finished camp with all necessary equipment and furniture. Our experts can advise you on the location, design, utilities and construction of your tented or fixed structure site. And we partner with reliable architects and construction companies to ensure successful execution.

Camp services

Once your camp is ready, RFS helps you focus on your core business by offering services in catering, housekeeping, janitorial services, bulk fuel supply, power generation, sewage and water treatment, refuse removal, fire-fighting and medical care.

Fast and flexible

Every RFS client receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service. Key decision makers are on the ground, ready to support you and adjust swiftly to changing situations. All services can be deployed, withdrawn or adapted to meet your changing requirements.

We also keep a steady eye on your costs by, for example, serving meals promptly and using the latest swipe card technology to track who has eaten and when.

The right people for the job

Our staff are all carefully chosen, not only for their hard skills, but also for their experience, reliability and capacity to meet your needs. Local site personnel are led by experienced managers who know how to mobilise teams and successfully execute projects in Mozambique – be they large or small, long or short term. Specialists are on hand 24/7 to provide operational site managers with dedicated IT, HR, HSE and training services.

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